Growing Seeds

In your box you’ve got two very special little containers with seeds that need your help to grow into beautiful vegetables.

We will take you through how to help them grow up to be big and strong vegetables.



Growing plants from seed is a great way to start gardening. With the right light and simple equipment, it’s easy to grow from seed to harvest. But what does it look like under all that soil?
Let’s find out as we watch this quick video of a seed growing.


What will you need?

To get the ball rolling, we will need to germinate your two kinds of seeds before they are planted out in your garden, planter box or planter pot. See below the list of what you will need to start your vegetable garden.

  • Baby Beets seeds
  • Carrot seeds
  • Egg carton or planting container
  • Fresh soil
  • Water


Scroll down through the steps to see how you can turn your seeds into sprouts, then sprouts into healthy wholesome vegetables!

step 1

Using your egg carton or container, fill each section with soil, leaving a finger width (1 cm) gap from the top. If you wist to plant into your garden, planter box or planter pot, be sure you have fresh soil.

step 2

Place 1 seed in each container. Top with a little bit of soil so that each seed is covered. Note: If you are planting your seeds in a different location, be sure each seed is 5cm apart.

step 3

Water your seeds everyday, keeping the soil nice and damp. Place on a window near sunlight, or in a location where sunlight is available.

step 4

Place on a window near sunlight, or in a location where sunlight is available. Water your seeds every day, keeping the soil nice and damp. Seeds will germinate with tiny leaves after 1-2 weeks.

step 5

If using an egg carton, cut the sections so that each seedling is separated into small planters. They are now ready to be planted into your vegetable garden, planter box or planter pot outside.

step 6

Make a hole in your soil and plant your seedling, covering with soil so the leaves are above ground level. Keep soil damp and provide good sunlight every day and you should have healthy baby beets after 1.5-2 months and carrots after 2-3 months!



Congratulations! You have now earned your GROWING SEEDS BADGE!
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